Color Me…Duh! Whatever!

6 July, 2011 (08:14) | Media as Art, The Good Eye | By: Kenan

About all we can expect from the lay person or, in our profession, our client, is that they have a basic vocabulary of primary colors: red, blue, yellow and secondary colors: orange, green, purple.  But  we can’t depend on them being able to identify even these hues in real life.

Full Color Spectrum

Full Visual Color Spectrum

Beyond those hues, only specialists such as graphic designers and, hopefully, video professionals can verbalize more subtile hues. Media pros tend to specify with numeric, technical language to avoid any confusion or difference of opinion or color sense. 

Then there’s the educated, professional Arts person who has a very subjective and esoteric language almost as obtuse as a wine connoisseur who speaks in metaphors. 

Why does the general citizen not have a more sophisticated color language? One factor is that we have such culture class divisions of the have versus the have-nots and we use difficult language to enforce the boundaries. Another factor is our educational system’s lack of emotional curriculum. Colors are very interconnected with emotions or,  at least, share the same modalities of cognition. 

What do you think?

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