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Color Me…Duh! Whatever!

6 July, 2011 (08:14) | Media as Art, The Good Eye | By: Kenan

About all we can expect from the lay person or, in our profession, our client, is that they have a basic vocabulary of primary colors: red, blue, yellow and secondary colors: orange, green, purple.  But  we can’t depend on them being able to identify even these hues in real life.   Beyond those hues, only specialists such as graphic designers [...]

Creative Collaboration

17 May, 2011 (00:42) | Media as Art | By: Kenan

When I was the “Media Producer” for ad agencies back in the 1970s, I had a “stable” of artists, designers, photographers, and cinematographers. Well, actually, I even listed camera operators, makeup, set decorators, location scouts…, etc.  Yes, we in the ad biz called the list “a stable.” Maybe because we loved good horses . Today, [...]

Let’s talk about Media Consciousness

16 May, 2011 (04:08) | Media as Art, Media as Cognition, Media as Memes, Media Convergence: The Web, Media Education, Media Literacy, Media Technology, The Field: The Ultimate Medium, The Good Ear, The Good Eye | By: Kenan

Defining Media Consciousness is a work in progress.  So, I am inviting you to contribute your ideas, perspectives, or even questions about Media Consciousness. As a topic of contemplation, it is about framing a systemic perspective to answer the regular questions we have about any phenomenon: What is it? How does it work? Why does it [...]